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    Birth: I was born in Yamanashi Prefecture in 1949.

    I spent my childhood at the foot of Mt. Fuji, and my teens in Tokyo and youth in Kyoto. I enjoyed playing many sports such as baseball, swimming, and skating. But once I heard "Mr. Tambourine Man", which is a Bob Dylan song, from the radio station FEN. I felt as if it were a revelation of God, which changed my personality fundamentally. I grew my hair long. I began to rebel against my parents and teachers. I was also fascinated by the Kansai Folk Song Movement and came over to Kyoto.

    Academic Background: I completed the master course of journalism at Doshisha University Graduate School.

    Before getting a full-time position, I worked for many years as a part-time teacher at Kyoto Seika College, Heian Women's Junior College, Kansai University, Osaka University, Doshisha University. I got married and had two children. Though I was very busy working and studying, I enjoyed that unstable but still pleasant life. I moved several times in Kyoto, partly because it's not very easy for one who comes from another part of Japan to live comfortably in this old city. When I was 40 years old, I got a post of assistant professor of Sociology in the Faculty of Humanics of Otemon-gakuin University.

    Present Career: A professor of sociology in the Department of Communication studies of Tokyo Keizai University

    My hair color is turning from black to gray gradually, which is not a shock to me. What worries me is my putting on weight. So I sometimes play softball with my students. I am sure I 'm getting old, but I'm still enthusiastic about rock music. On arriving at my office, I turn on the CD player, and I go to rock concerts once in a while. I want to keep my eyes open to classic rock musicians of my age like Dylan, Clapton, Neil Young, and Van Morrison as long as they are active.

    Field of Research: Theories of Communication, Media, and Popular Culture

    I've often incorporated my private interests into my research and I 've been working this way for more than 20 years.
    "What is your concern?"
    "I am doing research on rock music now."
    "Rock music? Can it be a theme of a sociological study?"
    "Why not?"
    "Hhmmm........................ "
    "Does it sound strange?"
    Many people respond to me this way. I think that there are no themes that can't be dealt with in sociology. I don't think work should be separated from play or hobby.

    Hobby : Rock Music , Motorcycle, Macintosh

    I have been listening to rock music for 40 years since its birth, and riding on motorcycles for 30 years, and using Macintosh computers for 10 years. I sometimes go to "TOWER RECORD" to buy CDs. It is a pleasurable consumer activity for me.
    I am riding a motorcycle named TRANS-ALPS of HONDA now. I've had tickets for speeding a couple of times, but have had no traffic accidents. I enjoy driving my car LEGACY TOURING-WAGON. I bought it for camping and in fact I drove to Hokkaido touring for one month with my family. But I've put away the tents and other camping equipment in a closet for 1 year or more.
    I use a Mac everyday, without which I can do nothing.

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