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K's Gallery works with clay, cloth, paper and anything recyclable
Hirano Hideaki He is a professor of sociology at Hosei University. I share interests with him in computers, sports and cars. I communicate with him by E-mail frequently.
Miura Hisasi He is a folk singer and proffesor of American Culture. He lives in Nagano Prefecture.
SOCIUS Useful for students of sociology; Nomura kazuo is the author of "Sociological Sense"
Osaka University This place is doing linkage of many home pages of sociology very politely.
Osaka City University Unwrapped URL is so simple, and it matches this university. But it is a full linkage.
Japan jinbun An academic meeting on theInternet. This meeting is not attached to the difference of genre, generation, and position, and aims for a new academic meeting.
amazon com There seems to be this bookstore in Seattle. The book I looked for is found immediately if refer. And it may be possible to change a mail for the author.
World Map This is convenient if you want to examine the world map. Information about a small city, is examined too.
Gotoh Ichirow He is a student at Dosisha university. It's a nice page.
Lawrence E. Marceau He is an assistant professor at Delaware university.He studies literature and thought of the Edo period. I communicate with him by E-mail in Japanese.
Murase Yoshiyuki This is a page on RPG game software, and other information about personal computers. It is very useful for me but there is no English page.
ART JAPAN Cyberpark of Arts in Kyoto
N Wind fm station at Nisinomiya City. My student is acting as DJ in this radio program.

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